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Enjoy one of our Market Days Clay Cutter Bundle packages. In this exclusive set you will receive 5 clay cutters. 


Sizes and Designs:


Camera .65 inch

Demin Shorts .75 inch

Bubbles the Frog 1.0 inch

Robust Dangle 1.5 inch

Circle Drop 2.0 inch




  • 0.4mm cutting edge for a sharp clean cut
  • Comfortable pressing surface
  • Sturdy walls to prevent cracking



  • PLA+


PRODUCT Features:

  • Extracted and purified from corn grain
  • Eco Friendly
  • Biodegradable



  • Please do not expose your cutters to high temperatures as they are made of PLA 3D Fliament plastic and will lose their unique shape. Store in room temperature. 
  • To clean, wipe your cutters with a wet rag, or wash with warm soapy water. Not diswasher safe. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean them as well.  


Notice: Cutters are Not Food Safe. Ple